Sports Medicine Acupuncture in Delray Beach, Florida

This is a comprehensive elite treatment program designed to get to the root of the problem and combines the best of Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Eastern Chinese Medicine.

Treatment sessions are a combination of several modalities and include a sound/vibration table which serves to enhance the experience, speed up recovery, enhance performance and prevent future injuries.

Initial Consultation and treatment 90 min.

Follow-up treatments 60 min.

Treatments may also include:



We do not take Medicare.

Other Treatments

  • Radiant Aging in Delray Beach, Florida

    An innovative natural approach to facial rejuvenation that combines microneedling, two different types of facial acupuncture, guasha,facial cupping and is an ideal way to boost collagen, reduce fine lines, lift and plump the face as well as bring back that youthful glow without chemicals, surgery, and harsh treatments.

  • Peak Performance and Optimal Health in Delray Beach, Florida

    Optimize cellular nutrition and maximize your performance with this program that takes a deep dive into the nourishment of micronutrients that have both physical and metabolic optimization at its finest. While macronutrients are important, micronutrient balancing can give cells a quantum leap forward in terms of performance and recovery,. The cumulative effects of that are strength, speed, endurance, focus and recovery. The hallmarks of an exceptional athlete.