Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture: 5 Reasons it’s Not Scary!

When people hear that cosmetic acupuncture requires needles be inserted into the skin on the face, images of horror movies may be imagined. But while horror films are scary, cosmetic acupuncture is not. In fact, not only can cosmetic acupuncture provide a more youthful appearance, it also positively impacts your overall well-being. See – not scary at all! In fact, here are 5 reasons we know when you learn more about it, you’ll eliminate any hesitation and be more interested in the benefits.

Reason #1 Cosmetic Acupuncture is Not Scary:

The needles are hair-strand fine. 

Is a strand of hair scary? Not at all! That’s how miniscule the needles are that are used for cosmetic acupuncture. While some might feel a tiny twinge upon needle insertion, others feel nothing. And when the shallow needles are removed, it’s typically described as completely painless.

Reason #2 Cosmetic Acupuncture is Not Scary:

It is safe, homeopathic and effective.

The simple fact that the science and practice of acupuncture has been used for millennia, speaks to its efficacy. Acupuncture is a kind of regenerative medicine. The premise of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that the body has the ability to heal itself. Acupuncture helps jump start that healing process. For example, think of a time when you cut yourself. Your body sends collagen, elastin and other tissue-building mechanisms to the area for healing. When needles are inserted in an acupuncture point on the face, it stimulates blood flow and prompts cell regeneration as well as enhances lymph flow and clears congestion. Cosmetic acupuncture is as safe as supporting a natural bodily process. There are no foreign chemicals inserted into the face, so there are no lumps or botched procedures to worry about.

Reason #3 Cosmetic Acupuncture is Not Scary:

You will look and feel younger!

Beyond the beauty benefits of creating softer and firmer skin, reducing deep wrinkles, improving jowl lines, helping heal acne and acne scars, cosmetic acupuncture can also improve digestion, sleep quality, reduce hot flashes, eliminate mild depression and anxiety and improve energy! In fact, this non-invasive procedure is the only anti-aging modality that improves overall health in addition to appearance. When the acupuncture points are stimulated an immune response is also created which reduces inflammation. And as you know, chronic inflammation in the body has been labeled a silent killer. Reducing inflammation is a very important to health and well-being.

Reason #4 Cosmetic Acupuncture is Not Scary:

There is no down time.

Compared to a surgical procedure that may require bandages, swelling and expensive hospital stays, taking a holistic anti-aging approach with cosmetic acupuncture does not require extensive down time. It should be noted, of course, that cosmetic acupuncture is not a replacement for surgery, Botox or injectables. And if you do seek dramatic results that could be your chosen route. However, cosmetic facial acupuncture might be your preferred choice if you are looking for a truly natural alternative to anti-aging medicine. And if you have already gone the surgical route, the good news is cosmetic acupuncture can be done 6 months after receiving Botox and can help prolong a facelift.

Reason #5 Cosmetic Acupuncture is Not Scary:

It helps you relax.

Stress causes worry and wrinkles, but treatments of cosmetic acupuncture for facial rejuvenation help you relax and destress. While cosmetic acupuncture may be focused on beauty, an additional benefit is that patients gain the benefits of relaxation. This form of anti-aging medicine is a restorative treatment that helps alleviate the chronically stressful environment we live in today.

Find out if Cosmetic Acupuncture is Right for You

It’s understandable that some people might be afraid upon first hearing about cosmetic acupuncture, but the fear is eliminated when the benefits outweigh any potential drawbacks. When something is new to you, the first step is to get informed. And with any procedure you choose, you must consider your individual circumstances.

While cosmetic acupuncture for facial rejuvenation is 100% safe and effective for most of us, there are contraindications to be aware of for people who have blood clotting disorders, are taking blood-thinning medication, have a history of migraines, have seizure disorders, have uncontrolled hypertension, or who have had recent Botox or fillers. To determine if it’s the best treatment to rejuvenate your face, click here to set up a consultation or call us at: 561-303-3436.


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